A pub stands proud in the middle of the streets of Waterdeep, but despite it’s almost homely appearance something seems off about this building… It’s almost as if the very life of the building is missing. The usual lively atmosphere that one would expect to surround such a homely looking inn is missing, giving it what could almost be described as a lifeless feel.

A man looks down at a piece of parchment in his hand, “Help wanted – please seek me out at the Dragons Fang Inn”. The man looks up and sees a well cared for wooden sign above the door, moving slightly in the light breeze. It clearly reads “The Dragons Fang Inn”, with a symbol of a great dragon curled around a mound of gold. This must be the place, the man thinks to himself… He appears to be hesitant. But what could be the trouble at such a friendly looking establishment? As he approached the door he could hear the soft murmuring of voices from inside.

For a moment he pauses, is this really what he wants? What if it’s too difficult? What if he makes a fool of himself? He takes a deep breath, steadies his thoughts and puts his hand on the door. Before he can convince himself he pushes the door open and enters…. And that is how this tale of grand adventure was to begin…


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