A faint dream

That which is to come...

You awake amid the clamour of battle, unsure how you got there or why you are fighting, the smell of blood fills the air and you gag as an enormous gust of wind blows a thick smoke right at you. For some reason you are able to identify the smell of charred flesh carried heavily on the smoke. As you are trying to understand what it all could mean you hear an almighty roar as if from the heavens themselves, you feel the ground shake beneath your feat and you fall to the floor once more.

It all comes flooding back to you, as you stand powerlessly on the remains of your once proud village. While it was a village it still carried a large amount of notoriety, it excelled in the trade of carpentry. This was despite it’s size a wealthy and prosperous village, it had all happened so quickly. A roar to the east followed by what could only be described as a sea of flames, where the beast had come from nobody knew… But one thing was for certain, this dragon would be the end of this village and most likely countless others. The village had tried to use it’s wealth to enlist the help of many adventurers, but all had been turned to ash in an instant before the almighty beast.

As the dragon emerges from the smoke it seems to pause, looking at you… For a moment it seems that it’s mouth curls into almost a snigger. How can that be? A merciless beast sniggering? Well I can’t blame myself for going crazy now… You think to yourself. However for some reason in the presence of this monster you don’t feel afraid, if anything you feel… relieved… But how can that be? Taking advantage of your unnatural calmness you take the opportunity to survey your surroundings, you are surrounded by the remnants of a dozen buildings, the old blacksmith to your right, weapons that have survived the destruction the dragon wrought litter the floor where the walls have been laid to waste. Everything else has been completely decimated, the trees that used to surround this village are no more, burnt to the ground in the dragons wake. A heavy smoke now fills the air, making it hard to both breathe and see…



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